How to evaluate our capabilities?

We at Zansys always focus on building long term and trusted relationships with our clients. To win your trust and confidence, for certain clients we offer Free Pilot Project and Free Evaluation services where you would be able to evaluate our capabilities, competencies, commitment, quality, processes, and people well before the actual starting of the project.

How to eliminate the overall risk?

Zansys provide a No Satisfaction No Invoice Guarantee to our customers. Zansys enjoys 100 percent client satisfaction since its inception as it has not lost a single client in its history due to delivery, quality, or performance issues. This achievement has given us the confidence to give a guarantee that you’ll not receive an Invoice unless you feel yourselves satisfied from our services.

How can project execution be 100 percent visible?

We at Zansys provide 100 percent visibility in the execution of the project and for that we discuss and finalize the reporting, bug tracking, and communication process and tools with you before the starting of work. They can be further modified anytime during the project as per your comfort and requirements. We use advanced Project Management tools that provide you complete insight in the project at anytime you require.

What measures do we take for client’s IPR protection?

We respect our client’s confidentiality and our 3-tier security framework ensures the same. Our security framework consists of Legal, Physical, and Logical security measures that reassure our customers of complete confidentiality of their IPRs.

What could be the best fit engagement model for us?

We offer a variety of engagement models that are tailored and customized to meet client-specific needs. We also work with you to customize our models and devise one which is specific just for your business needs. Please click here to see a number of engagement model offered by us.