Management Team

Amit Raheja Director

Amit has a long history of building, managing, and growing globally successful high-tech businesses. He founded Zansys Technologies in 2006 and has been instrumental in growing the business by forging strategic partnerships and alliances with clients, leading software vendors and to make the company a leader in high end IT services and product development market.

Amit has several years of successful experience in handling senior management positions in some of the world’s most reputed high-tech organisitions. His vast experience in Software Outsourcing and Offshoring business helps Zansys to progress with an unparalleled growth rate every year.

Prior to founding Zansys, Amit worked with Xerox Corporation. He is an alumni of Purdue University, IN, USA.

Pinakee Biswas Vice President of Technology

Pinakee has a long successful track record in conceptualizing, architecting, designing, developing, testing, implementing, managing, and delivering advanced and highly complex telecommunication software for both wireless and wireline communication. He is the leading technical expert at Zansys and is responsible for technical and business growth of the company.

Pinakee brings more than 12 years of technology and management experience with him and has been very successful at various senior technical and managerial positions in some of the world’s most reckoned Telecommunication companies.

Pinakee is an alumni of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, India