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Embedded System Development

Smaller, faster and better - these words define the embedded software development. With rapid technology advancements hardware is getting smaller and faster. Software has to rapidly adapt to deliver more and more innovative, secure and reliable solutions based on state of the art hardware. In order to keep pace with the technology advancements and changing business needs, new solutions need to have minimal time-to-market and existing solutions need to be migrated within short timelines. This necessitates the need for a partner who has extensive embedded software development experience of evolving new solutions as well as migration and support of existing ones. At Zansys we have the right embedded technology expertise of developing and testing high quality solutions in short development / migration cycles which enables our clients to get the best ROI.

Embedded Software Domains


Micro-controlled / Processors


Embedded Solutions

Zansys is a service provider of choice for the outsourced software development of embedded software solutions. We offer complete product realization services that include: Research, Design and Prototyping, Development, Verification & Validation, Evaluation, Outsourcing, Migration, and Optimization. We provide a wide range of design, development and support services for embedded components and embedded systems. This includes product development, maintenance, and testing services that empower you to bring your embedded software products to market faster, in a more cost-effective manner, with increased functionality.

Firmware Development
Zansys has extensive experience in firmware development covering a broad range of levels and applications. We can provide firmware designing and development in C, embedded C, C++, VC++, system programming, and various assembly languages. We also have capabilities in firmware development for microcontrollers (Intel, Motorola, PIC and ARM), and Integration and Testing.

Device Driver Development
The technical requirements for offshore device driver development are much higher than for normal user applications because the stability and performance of the whole system relies on drivers. Zansys has knowledge and experience on platforms: Unix, Linux, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP, and Windows Vista.


  • Solutions supporting Texas Instruments, Hitachi, Intel, MIPS, ARM, AMD, PowerPC, AVR, IBM and various other embedded processors and micro controllers
  • Solutions supporting real-time and embedded operating systems including Wind River VxWorks and pSOS, many Linux distributions, Microsoft Windows CE and Embedded XP, Palm OS, Symbian ,J2ME and other proprietary systems
  • System on a Chip (SoC), smart cards, human input devices, networking, display, multimedia systems and industrial automation technologies
  • eMbedded Visual C++, GCC, SDCC, KEIL C/C++, Java, HEW (Hitachi Embedded Workshop), Carbide.C++, Carbide.vs
  • Symbian , J2ME with Nokia SDK S60,UIQ, Carbide .C++
  • 64 Bit Drivers & 16 Bit - 32 Bit Driver Migration
  • Embedded C, C++, Assembly Language, Java
  • Point of Sales (POS) terminal Application
  • Custom Board support Packages